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Statement of Commitment

At SYN we are passionate about diversity and inclusion. We respect and value diversity and believe every young person’s voice should be heard. We are passionate about adopting an environment where everyone feels safe, heard and valued. At SYN, diversity enhances and enriches our community and media content, allowing for unique stories to be told and heard - giving a voice to those whose stories may otherwise remain unheard.

We are dedicated to ensuring our programs, trainings, events, services, and platforms are accessible to all regardless of ability, background, or any other characteristic.

We are continually dedicated to improving SYN’s training/leadership programs and policies.  While promoting the removal of barriers and creating opportunities at SYN in which all can participate.

We will aim to provide accommodations, promote awareness and understanding as well as actively seek guidance from a diverse range of perspectives to guide and inform our policies, and procedures.

SYN recognises that collaboration and dedication is required from within and outside the organisation.  However, by working together, SYN believes we will contribute to inclusion and a community where all feel valued and empowered to use their voices and share their stories.

This commitment statement is intended to inform everything we do at SYN.

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