SYN is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the SYN membership. The SYN Board is responsible for making strategic decisions for SYN and ensuring that the organisation is financially and legally compliant. They represent SYN’s volunteers' interests and are elected at SYN’s annual AGM.

SYN’s Board Members are:

1653047439303Jake Stevens 

Jake was elected to the SYN Board as President in October 2023, returning to the organisation after a ten-year tenure as a volunteer broadcaster and later staff member.

Crediting SYN with launching his media career, Jake is passionate about ensuring today's generation of young people are given the same opportunities that he received when he first stepped into the organisation's long-time Cardigan Street home eleven years ago.

Jake sought election to the board to provide a bridge between the membership base and governance as a familiar face within the SYN community, and assist the organisation in its transition to a newer, more sustainable funding model.


tmp-n3.uploadPranati Narayan Visweswaran 

Pranati’s love for the local Naarm music scene is what prompted them to become a member of SYN in December 2022, and subsequently join the SYN Board in October 2023. From producing their own Seasonal to volunteering with flagship programmes, they are grateful for the opportunities that SYN has provided in skill development and music industry knowledge.

Pranati is deeply passionate about supporting local and emerging artists. They are currently enrolled in a Master of Arts and Cultural Management degree at the University of Melbourne, and work as an Arts Administrator and general member of the Board at Cinespace, a not-for-profit supporting emerging multicultural filmmakers. They also manage local Naarm band- The Clever References.

As someone who moved to Naarm from India only recently, the value of supporting youth to participate in the arts with independence and agency resonates with Pranati. They hope to use their time on the SYN Board to give back, using their sense of empathy and determination, to facilitate, sustain, and encourage the organisation, and further support the local arts community.


Taymi Brook

Taymi Joined SYN’s Board of Governance in 2022, and is passionate about providing opportunity, community and networking for youth – particularly those focusing on music and media. 

Taymi has been a member of SYN since 2021 and has volunteered for flagship shows 1700, The Naughty Rude Show, Sunday Sweets and New and Approved. In 2022 she was part of SYN’s Leadership Program acting as TV Talks Lead for 1700. In 2022 she participated in SYN’s Board Internship program, SYN’s Mentoring Program, and the Community Media Training Organisation’s (CMTO) National Youth Leadership and Professional Development program (Take It On) – an opportunity accessed through SYN. She currently works close to SYN, as a Technical Officer servicing the School of Media and Communication at RMIT– an area in which she holds a bachelor’s degree and three certificates.

Grace McKinnon-Layton
Ordinary Member

Grace joined the SYN board in July 2018 after being a highly committed on-air volunteer since 2015 and executive producer of SYN’s news and current affairs program Panorama.

Grace was first prompted to join the board after attending SYN Camp in early 2018, before then she had no idea what governance meant or the role of managing a non-for-profit. Soon after joining the board Grace became Secretary and later elected as Vice-president in January 2020. She has learnt the ropes of what good governance is and is looking forward to best helping SYN in her role.

“I wouldn’t be working in Melbourne as a journalist without the skills SYN has taught  me. Empowering youth through media and giving them a voice on air is something I will always advocate for.”

Xenia Sanut
Ordinary Member

Xenia joined the SYN Board in October 2023 after being a committed executive producer, social media lead, arts and culture content producer and co-host since 2020.

As a journalism graduate working in the Victorian public sector, Xenia understands how SYN provides not only valuable media production experience but also a safe community for young people to be their authentic selves.

With her not-for-profit, media and organisational experience, as well as her key diversity and inclusion focus, Xenia aims to promote SYN's growth and value to the community, advocate for the needs of her fellow volunteers and help more young people, regardless of their background, find merit in getting involved and supporting SYN.


Brad Knight
Ordinary Member

Brad joined the SYN Board in October 2020, returning to SYN after having previously volunteered as a broadcaster during his high school years.

Brad is passionate about supporting Australia’s vibrant community arts culture, and ensuring that the youth in Australia continue to have a representative voice in our media.

Brad is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), and a consultant with Deloitte, where he specialises in helping companies to use technology to achieve their business goals. 



Beatrice Matthews
Treasurer / Co-opt Member

Beatrice joined the SYN board as the Treasurer in October 2021 to provide financial oversight to the entities financial reporting obligations and ensure sound financial governance. She is a manager at KPMG, responsible for providing external audit services across a range of public and private companies.

Beatrice has experience supporting entities across numerous industries including, not-for-profits, pharmaceuticals, wholesale consumer goods, manufacturing and fast-moving consumer goods. Upon joining the board, Beatrice has seen the significant impact SYN has on the lives of young media makers.


Erin O’Donoghue
Co-opt Member

Erin joined the SYN Board in November 2021. Erin has a depth of experience in People and Culture, Strategy and Innovation with specialist skills in Leadership Development, Coaching, Change, Organisational Culture and Human Centred Design.

Erin is a big advocate for young people pursuing their purpose, passion and strengths and loves that SYN encourages young people with an interest in media to create rather than just consumer content. As Chair of the Performance & Remuneration Committee, Erin helps oversee the performance and professional development of the General Manager at SYN.

Will Travers
Co-opt Member

Will joined the SYN board as an observer in 2021 and was reappointed as a board member in April 2023. With a deep appreciation for SYN and SYN Media Learning, he recognizes the immense value they offer in involving young individuals in community arts and radio, bridging the gap between them and an industry they may have never ventured into otherwise. SYN's pivotal role within the community radio ecosystem cannot be overstated, as its alumni have frequently gone on to make their mark in local, national, and even international projects.

Given his expertise in business development, Will passionately collaborates with SYN to foster sustainable revenue growth while concurrently expanding the organisation's reach to a greater number of young people.

Elisabeth Buchan 
Co-opt Member

Elisabeth joined the SYN Board in December 2023.

Elisabeth brings several years of legal experience to the Board including working for Victorian courts, in private practice and currently as a government solicitor. Elisabeth has also volunteered at several community legal services and is a passionate supporter of Melbourne's live music scene and community radio.


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