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Inclusion Policy 

SYN Media takes access and inclusion seriously. We are committed to making every workshop as accessible and inclusive as possible for all members of the community. If you have a specific access request, would like further information, or want to provide any suggestions, we would love to hear from you.


Phone: (03) 9034 1989 

SYN Office Space: RMIT Melbourne City Campus 402 Swanston Street Melbourne SYN Media: Building 12, Level 3, Room 95. 


Cancellation Policy 

Cancellations made within 24 hours of the booking will be liable for a 50% cancellation fee (Radio Basics workshops are liable for 50% of the minimum fee). Alterations made within 24 hours are liable for a 25% alteration fee. There is no guarantee SYN will be able to facilitate your request. Individual Schools on Air shows cancelled within 24 hours of the booking will not be removed from the total term cost. 


COVID-19 Regulations 

SYN Media agrees as outlined in our lease agreement with RMIT University to follow all RMIT University safety requirements, including those pertaining to COVID-19. As of December 2022, there are no access requirements for RMIT University of the SYN space, however SYN asks  that workshop organisers or participants who have tested positive to COVID-19 do not attend their workshop.


2024 Workshop fees and information

  • For incursions, we charge an additional fee of $100 per visit to cover travel costs.
  • Workshops with over 27 students will require an additional fee of $150 for one extra trainer and 30 minutes of extended workshop time.
  • SYN will invoice the school shortly after the tour date.


Radio Basics: 

Duration: 90 minutes

Excursion cost: $600 + GST


Live Radio Workshop: 

Duration: 5 hours (4 hours + 1-hour lunch break)

Excursion cost: $1,100 + GST


Podcasting 101: 

Duration: 2 hours

Excursion cost: $650 + GST


Alternative Podcasting 101 delivery model

Duration: 2x 90-minute sessions 

Excursion cost: $700 + GST


Schools On Air: 

Duration: 1x 2-hour introduction workshop + a weekly 1-hour broadcast time slot for the whole term

Excursion cost: $3000 + GST


Extra information: 

Your Schools on Air broadcast time slot is available to you for the entire term. If there is an unavoidable clash with your school’s timetable and you wish to make a one-off change, please let us know with at least 2 weeks' notice. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate this change after your booking confirmation has been finalised.

Please note that SYN offices and studios are closed on public holidays. Live broadcasts that fall on public holidays are not subject to rescheduling.  


Schools On Air (Live & Pre-recorded) Invoicing details and Student Attendance: 

Duration: 1x 2-hour introduction workshop, a weekly 1-hour pre-recording session + broadcast time slot for the whole term

Excursion cost: $5,500 + GST


Tailored projects – Cancellation Policy and Billing:

Terms and conditions for large tailored projects may vary. Any variations will be agreed upon prior to a booking confirmation. When booking, SYN may request a project deposit. Project deposits are non-refundable.  


Cancellations made within 5 business days will be liable for a 25% cancellation fee.  

Alterations made within 5 business days will be liable for a 10% alteration fee.  

While we do our best to be flexible and accommodating, there is no guarantee SYN will be able to facilitate your request for alteration.  


Your belongings: 

SYN Media is not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage to personal property whilst on our premises. Visitors are responsible for the security of their own belongings.