Peach PRC’s Secret PRC Tour

25th March 2024
By Louis Harrison
Whatever angle you look at it, the world is bathed in glorious pink. Or more accurately, peach.

Photo credit: Ashlea Caygill

On Wednesdays we wear pink. And on Thursdays. And especially at Peach PRC shows.

Peach boldly proclaims many titles, from “Manic Dream Pixie” (see: her 2023 EP of the same name), to a TikTok star whose personality captivates audiences, to her stage presence as a real-deal fairy-pop princess. 

The Secret Sounds and WME Peach PRC: Secret PRC Tour was supported by Carla Wehbe - a match made in heaven and by the divinity of the stars.

In terms of venues, The Forum could not have been a better fit for Peach’s tour with the idyllic starry night cast onto the ceiling, the internal decor and the capacity to accommodate the backdrops that make Peach’s performances that extra bit extravagant.

Carla Wehbe warmed the crowd up with her set that included some of her most well-known tracks ‘introvert (with extraverted expectations)’ and ‘you make me sick’, the TikTok sensation, ‘jupiter and mars’ and upcoming single ‘sideshow’.

Taking the stage with Charlie Collins and Kristen Adams on guitar, Wehbe performed with poise and a stage presence that encapsulates her passion for music. She’s known for her unique sound that is infused with worldly scales and powerful lyrics that touch on topics including love, heartbreak and mental illness.

As well as performing her own songs, Wehbe performed a cover of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Love’, further highlighting her broad vocal range.

Wehbe's vocal tone and emotive songs truly made the perfect opener for Peach on this tour.

SS_Peach PRC_Forum_MAR24-AshleaCaygill-27.jpgCarla Wehbe performing // Photo credit: Ashlea Caygill

The only way to describe Peach’s performance is a thrilling complete piece of audio-visual and performance artwork. The show featured a complex intertwining of artwork, colours, dance, acting and of course, music.

For the duration of the show, a colourful background of moving patterns from bokeh lights to water ripples to under-the-sea themes canvased the performance and knitted together the feeling of being in an indefinable otherworldly space. 

During the song ‘Josh’, moments from the music video played instead of the usual patterns, a move that feels underutilised in the current contemporary live music scene.

The set consisted of a catalogue of Peach’s most popular songs, including an acoustic performance of unreleased music and a break that saw her dance a pole routine to Black Coast’s ‘Trndsttr (feat. M Maggie) [Lucian Remix]’.

SS_Peach PRC_Forum_MAR24-AshleaCaygill-68.jpgPeach performing her acoustic part of the set // Photo credit: Ashlea Caygill

Other songs that made the set included ‘Like A Girl Does’, ‘God Is A Freak’, ‘Secret’ and a cover of MUNA’s ‘Silk Chiffon’ with Carla Wehbe.

One of Peach’s assets is her ability to connect with a crowd and drive audience participation and engagement. A fan-project during the show had the crowd cover their phone flashlights with coloured paper to create a rainbow across the room.

Despite technical difficulties throwing off the timing of the show and a last-minute decision to ditch the formal encore proceedings, Peach’s show exceeded expectations and provided a lot of fans the opportunity to live their fairy and princess dreams amongst a supportive crowd.

SS_Peach PRC_Forum_MAR24-AshleaCaygill-65.jpgPeach and dancers // Photo credit: Ashlea Caygill

Peach’s music speaks to the child who grew up too quickly, the person mourning their past relationship, the person looking for a reason to try one more time and the person who desperately wants that one feeling to last. 

Whatever angle you look at it, the world is bathed in glorious pink. Or more accurately, peach.

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