2024 Content Directors & Executive Producers

Editorial & Content Department

Programming Director - Sarah Davenport -

Music Directors - Caitlin Ramsay & Mia Ranalletta -

Podcast Director - Liz Fouldes -

Content Editor - Pitch to


Music Department 

Asian Pop Nation Executive Producer - Tracy Wu -

The Hip Hop Show Executive Producer - Sameer Ahsen -

The Hoist Co-Executive Producers - Darcie James & Louis Harrison -

Moshpit Executive Producer - Veronica Greene -

Sunday Sweets Executive Producer - Dom Niere -


News Department 

Represent EP - Nyah Barnes -

The Sports Desk EP - Liam Cole -


Arts & Culture Department 

Get Cereal Co-Executive Producers - Bianca Scanlan & Annabel Cohen -

Naughty Rude Executive Producer - Amelia Geiss -

New & Approved Executive Producer - Issy Coldbeck -

Raise The Platform Executive Producer - Imi Vassallo -

Player One Executive Producer - Zack Goutzoulas -

Art Smitten Executive Producer - Audrey Merton -


What is the SYN Leadership Team?


SYN's leadership team is a group of talented, driven and leading media makers at SYN who take on more senior positions at the station. They are most commonly producers of various flagships or they take on editorial roles which help the station run.

Most importantly, they help newer youth broadcasters learn the ropes. Anyone of any experience level can apply to be a leadership team member at SYN, all you need is to complete an induction with us.

Applications and interviews are usually undertaken between October and December each year, with commencement beginning in January and lasting for one year. Email with questions or to inquire about open positions.