Bold. Sustainable. Youth Focused. These are the guiding values that underpin SYN’s 2023-2026 Strategic Plan.

Over the next three years, SYN will continue to be bold, nurturing experimentation and encouraging young people to learn and grow from mistakes.

We will focus on developing a sustainable future, honouring SYN's 20-year legacy and paving the way for future generations to make media.

We will remain youth-focused, ensuring that every decision at SYN is made with young people at the forefront.

The past strategic plan (2022-23) helped guide SYN through a planned deficit, whilst we opened new avenues for future financial growth.

This strategic plan (2023-26) aims to safeguard SYN's financial sustainability whilst steadily building on those emerging revenue streams.

Ruby Smith – General Manager

SYN Strategic Plan 23-26 - 3 Years