SYN volunteers are youth members of the organisation who are aged 12-25 and are involved in our broadcasting, events, production and other content creation. SYN volunteers are given the independence and the skills to create amazing content across our platforms! 

Volunteers are required to undertake one of SYN's induction programs which train young people in relevant media skills. Once trained, SYN volunteers get one year of membership, which is renewed on an annual basis. You can read more about SYN's training and induction opportunities below. We hope to see you at one of them!


SYN offers a range of training programs, including our two-day flagship Radio Announcer Training, involving online and in-person modules. Inductions are structured around SYN's broadcasting 'seasons' which are four 10-week seasons aligned roughly with school terms, plus a fifth summer season with new, experimental and sun-soaked programming! 

We currently have a discount offer on our signature Radio Announcer Training with SYN Fast-Track - the training program which will get you directly on-air for a discount! Limited spots available - click on the image below to find out more and book: 

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You can keep an eye out for our upcoming Radio Announcer Training sessions below:

Click below: 

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Volunteering at SYN opens up opportunities for young people to share their perspectives and skills through our music, arts and culture, and news programming! SYN has a range of flagship programs produced by experienced peer leaders; new volunteers can apply for roles on these programs, making it super easy to contribute to SYN's community, gain broadcasting experience, and meet like-minded young people. Once you've joined a flagship program, you can create your own podcast or limited series 'seasonal' program, jump on SYN's TV show 1700, and volunteer at our events. SYN also has annual leadership and mentoring programs which any volunteer can apply for. 

What volunteering looks like: 

  • Being a presenter or producer on a radio show, including interviewing local artists and musicians, or reviewing new media or cultural events
  • Presenting or producing content on 1700, SYN and RMITV's flagship TV show about local music 
  • Creating a podcast 
  • Gaining access to SYN events and workshops for media skill-building
  • Covering local events for our radio, social media, or website 
  • Becoming a mentee in SYN's mentoring program (mid-year intake) 
  • Becoming a Leadership Team member (end of year intake) 
  • Holding a volunteer role in SYN or SYN-partnered events - in the past, we've facilitated events with ALWAYS LIVE, The Push, National Live Music Awards, and more! 
  • Access SYN’s industry standard broadcast and recording studios
  • Receive day-to-day support with career goals and resume development
  • Apply for SYN Awards and participate in our leadership conference, SYN Kickstart!
  • Meet and connect with a community of more than 300 other passionate young people



SYN also runs specialty training programs on an ad-hoc basis, including: 

  • SYN Press Club: radio training for young journalists 
  • Interchange Podcast Training: these days, everyone has a podcast - Interchange will help you make yours stand out! 
  • The Awkward Stage: radio training for 12-17 year-olds, recognising the unique perspectives of our under 18 volunteers


For further information about volunteering and training, contact community@syn.org.au