SYN is a youth-run community that empowers young people through media making.

Inclusivity and opportunity are core SYN values. SYN works to build a culture and community for young people of different backgrounds to participate in its community. Every month, SYN provides two scholarships to applicants who go on to complete radio or podcast training with us, and are provided with a one-year volunteer membership at SYN. Scholarships are assessed and awarded every one to three months. 



SYN believes in platforming the voices of underrepresented and disadvantaged groups in media. This means we especially wish to raise up the voices of those who identify as or experience any of the following:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander or First Nations 
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse 
  • Refugee or migrant 
  • From a low socio-economic background 
  • Disabled or living with a disability (including chronic illness, mental illness, neurodivergency, psychosocial disabilities, those who are blind, and deaf/Deaf) 

As with all of SYN's volunteer base, applicants must be 12-25 years-old to be eligible. 

SYN believes in a model of self-identification. If an applicant feels that any of the above identifiers apply to them, or that their identity or community is not represented adequately in media, then SYN considers them eligible to apply.



Existing or future sponsors of SYN's programming are welcome to contact staff about sponsoring a scholarship. 

Contact General Manager Ruby Smith at and Community Manager Laura Green at or 03 9034 1962. 


Apply for an Access SYN Scholarship

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Access SYN scholarships can be competitive. Unsuccessful scholarship applicants will be contacted, however they will remain eligible for assessment in future rounds unless they notify SYN that they are withdrawing their application.