SYN first went on air on February 28, 2003 and has been Melbourne/Naarm's youth-led community broadcaster for more than 20 years. Through all our changes over the years, we have provided top quality media training and opportunities to young people. Community media is by and for its community, and in SYN's case, by and for young people. We value the contributions of our current, past and future members. Here's how you can be involved with SYN!



Anyone of any age who cares about community media can be a member of SYN! Members have the right to vote for board members at SYN's annual general meetings (AGMs) and to attend regular board meetings. All SYN members are welcome at our annual awards night, too!

SYN volunteers are members who also broadcast at the station. Broadcasters must undergo one of SYN's full induction programs to be able to go on-air. This is because broadcasters have ethical and legal responsibilities, and must understand SYN's codes of conduct. SYN has a youth broadcasting license, so all our volunteers are between 12-25 years-old, because we believe in the power of youth voices! 



We have a saying at SYN that once you turn 26, you 'SYN-die', but that doesn't mean you can't stay involved with us! SYN values the contributions of its alumni and we encourage former volunteers to become board members, become a mentor for current and future SYNers, contribute to our events and donation drives, and keep in touch with fellow alumni! Your ongoing contributions to SYN's community ensure its sustainability into the future.  


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