SYN's next Mentoring Program will take place in Spring 2023. 

In 2015, SYN established a formal industry mentoring program between SYN volunteers and SYN alumni for our young people to develop a deeper understanding of the media industry, explore career pathways and gain relevant and practical advice for entering the industry. For our pilot program, 10 of our volunteers participated in the program, paired with a mentor whose relevant media experience provided practical skills and knowledge of the media sector.

In 2016, 11 volunteers undertook the mentoring program and were matched with mentors from a diverse range of fields including the ABC, Al Jazeera, triple j, KISS FM and more.

In the summer of 2022-23, SYN successfully ran its six-month mentoring program with another group of driven mentors and mentees.  

SYN’s mentoring program is funded by the Vic Office for Youth.



When will applications open? 

Applications for the 2023 Spring mentoring program will open in June 2023. 


Who is eligible? 

All SYN volunteers are eligible to apply for the mentoring program as a mentee, and SYN alumni are welcome to express interest in becoming a mentor. 


How long will it take my application to be assessed? 

Applications will be assessed by the end of August, 2023. 


Who will be my mentor? 

SYN strives to partner its mentors with appropriate mentees, based on experience, interest in a particular sector of the industry, and the expertise and interests of the mentor. Mentors and mentees will be introduced to one another at the beginning of the program. 


How much time am I expected to spend on this program? 

Participants are expected to dedicate 1-4 hours per month, however mentor-mentee pairs are welcome to take a flexible approach which works for them.  


Testimonials for SYN's mentoring program, according to other SYNers: 

“I aimed to build my network within the media industry and learn more about the media industry outside of community media.”  

“I aimed to get a bit more of a focus on what I was doing career-wise, and getting help with applying for work.” 

“The encouraging and self strengthening tools given to mentees – you realise you can actually break into the industry with the right attitude and knowledge.” 

“Access to people who have been where you are and navigated their careers successfully - The informal relationship is a great dynamic.”

“It helps you improve in the areas only someone established in the industry could know and then also provide you with a valuable contact”

“It’s exciting as an aspiring media maker to talk with someone successfully working in the field.”